Webinar Introduction
Printed and organic electronics is a novel and unconventional technology that has the potential to change the world of electronics. This technology offers the opportunity to manufacture low-cost electronic solutions that are not compatible with today’s standard inorganic electronics. To achieve this potential, making accurate measurements on fabricated devices and printable inks will be essential in fully understanding the electrical properties and operational characteristics of materials and devices. Knowing how to reduce various sources of measurement errors will be critical to success. This seminar presents methods and best measurement practices for electrically characterizing printed and organic electronics and materials. Application examples where such measurement principles are required will be discussed.
Those participating in this seminar will learn and understand:
•  Measurement techniques required for measuring the conductivity of printable e-inks and I-V characteristics of organic electronics
•  Sources of measurement error that will affect such measurements
•  Measurement solutions that can be used in printed and organic electronics measurement applications
Target Audience:
This seminar is recommended for students, researchers, engineers, and scientists in areas such as materials science, chemistry, nanoscience, and organic/semiconductor device development who wish to get a better understanding of basic electrical measurements.
Jonathan Tucker - Senior Marketer
Jonathan Tucker is the Senior Marketer for Keithley’s Scientific Research Instruments and Research and Education business at Keithley Instruments in Cleveland, Ohio. He joined Keithley Instruments in 1987 and has held numerous positions, including test engineer, applications engineer, applications manager, and product marketer. Tucker holds a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering degree from Cleveland State University and an MBA from Kent State University.
Company Introduction
Keithley Instruments, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets complex electronic instruments and systems geared to the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development and research. The Company has approximately 500 products used to source, measure, connect, control or communicate direct current (DC), radio frequency (RF) or optical signals. Product offerings include integrated systems solutions, along with instruments and personal computer (PC) plug-in boards that can be used as system components or stand-alone solutions. The Company's customers are engineers, technicians and scientists in manufacturing, product development and research functions. For more information, visit wwww.keithley.com.
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