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Topic: Enable Reliable Wide Input Integrated Flyback Power Switch Designs Using Power Supply WebDesigner


In smart meters, appliances, and industrial power supply applications, a regulated low power DC source is typically required to power analog and/or digital control circuits of the system. A Flyback converter is commonly used to convert AC input to DC output. However, if the AC input is fed from a three phase or unstable single phase AC source, large fluctuations in voltage magnitude are expected, e.g. from 45VAC to 460VAC. Such wide input voltage variations pose severe challenges to a flyback converter design in areas of reliability, efficiency, power density, and cost.

With Fairchild’s introduction of the FSL4110, the industry's highest breakdown voltage power switch in a single package, all of these issues get alleviated and resolved. This Webinar will address this high voltage integrated flyback power switch in details, discuss wide input voltage flyback converter design techniques, and present ways to effectively complete and optimize a design by using Fairchild's Power Supply WebDesigner tools.


Topic: Software Licensing in an Embedded World

This webcast introduces you the key benefits of software licensing for embedded system vendors. It also brings out common concerns from these vendors about:
• securely protecting IP
• easily upgrading product in the field
• flexibly packaging and pricing product
• centrally manage product license
• automatically tracking customer usage
• friendly customer self-service

Watch this webcast and learn about below:
• Software Licensing in an Embedded World
• Benefits of Licensing for Embedded Applications
• Gemalto Embedded Partnerships / Tool Chain partners
• Broad Platform and OS Support
• Sentinel Software Monetization Solution Overview